A Survival Guide for Dance Followers


September 30, 2012


What men look for when inviting women to dance.


~ Stand apart from other women.
A woman standing alone is - by far - most comfortable for men to approach. The quickest way to get more offers to dance is simply stand alone.

Yes, I know, it is politically incorrect to ignore your 'sistahs', but you must decide if you are there to socialize with other women, or to dance with men. Your choice. When two women stand together, men are reluctant to ask one of them to dance. If three or more women are standing together - very few men will approach.

If a group of women is sitting down, then men conclude they prefer to be with other women, not to dance with men. Women sitting in groups get few invitations to dance.

Men call groups of women "hen houses". We avoid going into hen houses - unless we already know you or find you extremely appealing.

So, circulate by yourself, go to the bar by yourself, go to the restroom by yourself - and you will easily make yourself more approachable than most other women at the dance.


By Dave Weston
Los Altos, California
Author: Dave@Weston-CDP.com